What Are The Causes For Under Eye Dark Circles?

Late night work, over-stress and lack of nutritional diet are some major reasons for skin problems.

Wrinkles, under eye circles, and dark spots are visible at an early stage if you do not take good care of your skin on a daily basis. Are you working in rotational shifts? Do you eat at no regular intervals and usually dehydrate your body? Then it’s time to think twice because major skin issues prevail in those who neglect a healthy lifestyle. A Regular skincare routine has to be followed in order to maintain a healthy looking skin.

When and why under eye circles form?

Usually, people who work late night have an issue of dark circles. As of now, the fable has changed a bit and various other factors added to the issue. Dark circles are prominently observed in those who may suffer from the below mention problems-

Lack of water– Scarcity of water in the body leads to skin dullness and fatigue feeling, one must take out time whether thirsty or not to drink a glass of water in every hour. This will keep your body hydrated.  Thus, skincare tips by dermatologists integrate water consumption foremost for all age groups.

Eczema symptoms include dark circle problems– If you face itches and other body parts too, continuously feel painful blisters or have dead skin peel including dark circles then it may be a symptom of eczema. Do not neglect this symptom at all.

Skin pigment irregularity– As your age progresses and you do not follow basic skincare routine, then dark circles may show visible signs usually in the morning. Skin pigmentation is another chief cause for dark circles.

Contact dermatitis– It is a medical condition in which certain areas of the facial skin starts getting dark patches. Under eye circle may appear due to lack of skincare.

Allergies– A temporary dark circle appearance is common in those patients who suffer from prolonged allergies. This can be cured by the time allergic reactions deprive or reduce completely.

Excessive sun exposure– An acute dark circle problem is visible if direct sun exposure is for a long period. Try to keep your skin covered with UV protection SPF lotion or gel during summers as well as winters. Harmful radiation may cause melanin around the eyes area to increase rapidly; resulting into acute dark circles.

Aging or excessive use of makeup products– It is also noticed that people who are above 40’s, or use lot of cosmetics like foundation or makeup may have a tendency to form dark circles often.

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