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What are the causes of cracked heels?

You stand under the sun, wearing long heels, doing your job and then wondering, “Why my heels have many cracks?” Every second human on earth who works on hard surface, stands for a very long time and expose their feet in the polluted atmosphere face cracked heels and an intense pain too. Many of us neglect the early stage of roughness, dry skin, and itchy skin and later take stress about the cracked painful heels. However, doctors for skin treatment in Delhi claim various causes of cracked heels. Here are some which you can correlate easily-

  • Wrong pair of shoes or heels- When you know your job is to stand on your feet for a long time and you are actually ignoring your feet’s skin completely, then you must invest in a pair of shoes that have closure at the back around the heels. Synthetic material used to make shoe lining and inside padding causes sweating. Therefore, heels on a longer exposure to the synthetic surface accumulate dead skin. Doctors who are expert in skin treatment in Delhi explain that dead skin allows bacteria formation and skin starts breaking.
  • Insufficient moisture– Human body is comprised of 70% water. On a regular basis, we need at least 7 to 8 glasses of water in a whole day. Dehydrated body shows symptoms like dry skin, sour throat, rashes, dull feeling, bloating etc. Insufficient moisture in our body creates problem, and so it does the same for our feet. Lack of water develops dry skin and itchy heels. 
  • Medical conditions– There are various medical conditions that invite various skin problems too. Diabetes and underactive thyroid are blamed for cracked heels. Foot fissures and heel spurs are mostly observed in the people who suffer from the above mentioned medical issues.
  • Eczema- This is a serious skin disease that should not be neglected. Not only cracked heels are its major symptoms, even itchy skin and dry flakes coming out from hands and face is the biggest symptom. However, skin treatment in Delhi is accessible at renowned clinics and specialized centers.

How to cure cracked heels?

You can cure skin problems with extra care on a regular basis. When you have cracked heels, then you must take certain measures-

  • Keep your heels covered with cotton socks or heel shield.
  • Do not soak heels in soapy water. Always use warm saline water with mild feet relaxing agent.
  • Keep your feet moisturized properly. Use crack heel ointment prescribed by the skin specialists. It should be applied at night before sleeping so that it can work overnight and give relaxed feet in the morning.
  • Don’t wear hard heels or stand on rough surface.

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