Top 5 Ways To Slow Down Aging

You cannot go back to your teenage but you can slow down the process. Researches also have proved that you can slow down the aging process.

Though it might sound like a sci-fi movie, you can slow down the process of aging because of the anti-aging creams. Research shows nowadays people are not only living longer but also have prime mental and physical vitality. We can Testosterone Suspension beat the aging process by following behavioral changes as well. Here are the five smartest things you can follow to slow down the aging process.

  • Balanced approach to fat:

To control biological aging, Omega-3 fatty acids have beneficial effects. When you take in large amount then nearly 15% of reduction is found in the damaging oxidative stress, as well as, longer telomeres, protein caps, etc. It will protect the chromosome and shortens the aging process. Apart from that, you have to cut down on Omega-6 fatty acids which are found in grape seed, corn, and sesame oils. Those who have a lower ratio of Omega-6 fatty acids will have the longest telomeres and also the lowest oxidative stress. Most of our food consists of Omega 6. To get rid of that, consume 1.25 grams of Omega-3 Fatty acids.

  • Eat Smaller meals more often:

When you eat a small quantity of food it will control your insulin levels which determine the age. When the food intake takes place, the body produces insulin hormone which makes your muscles and liver to absorb the glucose from your blood. When you take too much insulin, it will harm the mitochondria which are little powerhouses in our cell. These cells fuel the body and also cause accumulation of damaged proteins which will eventually cause diseases. Hence, eating a smaller quantity of food is ideal.

  • Work out are essential:

Regular exercise will keep your body fit. You will have to work out every day for 30 minutes especially the cardio workout. This will slow your aging process by nine years than those who are sedentary. When you do regular workout, it will reduce inflammation and oxidative stress. This results in slowing down the process of aging. According to the recent research, you will be benefitted when you do two strength training a week will be more beneficial.

  • Regular Walking: Just like how important your exercise is, moving around is also essential. When you are sedentary, your insulin resistance, as well as, cholesterol levels had damaged the endothelial cells which are found in the blood vessels. Rather than going for exercise, it is ideal that you stood and walked more had sidestepped the insulin resistance. Though the cholesterol increased there was no endothelial cell damage.
  • Reduce your tension:

Meditation is ideal to control tension. Hence, it is ideal to do it regularly. Though initially, you might find it difficult. In the long run, it is quite beneficial.

You can slow down your aging process by following the above tips and also by using the anti-aging creams.

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