4 Ways to Combat the Adverse Effects of Pollution on Skin

Of late, the pollution level has increased which results in dull skin and clogged pores. It will only be a trouble for our skin.

The polluted air does not allow the skin to breathe, leaving it irritated, dehydrated, and worsening existing conditions like redness, rosacea, and eczema. Let’s see here some of the skin care tips.

  • Hydrate: Drinking plenty of water is ideal as it detoxes. You can even drink water which contains tulsi or amla leaves. These leaves will flush out the toxins and given essential anti-oxidants.
  • Protect the skin: It is ideal to apply sunscreen or to follow a skincare regimen to create layers. This will help in protecting your skin from UV induced damage and traps the smog particles and prevents these harmful chemicals penetrating deep in the skin. It is good to wash your face with cold water and also use a non-exfoliating face wash to remove the dirt from the face.
  • Scrub Daily: You must scrub your skin daily so that it will recover and also heal from the pollution. The scrub can be made by taking some walnuts and grind it into a paste. Add some sugar and also few drops of olive oil scrub it gently for 10 seconds. Otherwise go for the mixer of sugar, honey, and lemon and use it twice a week. When you apply this the ill effects of pollution will be prevented. Hence, you must cleanse it in the morning and night is a skin-care. Cleanse, double cleanse or even three times a day, if necessary, so that it will remove the residue of the pollution from the skin.
  • Use Face Packs: You can also rub your face with raw green papaya and rub on your skin for 20 seconds. The natural enzymes in the fruit will remove the blackness from your skin. You can even go for a chocolate face pack which will also ideal to deal with the harmful effects of pollution. Papayas are rich in antioxidant, wards off free radical, detoxify skin, and provide deep nourishment, as well as, healthy glow.

Apart from the above, you can also bathe after you massage your skin with almond or coconut oil. You can even add lavender or orange oil steam water. Cleansing and moisturizing your skin also will provide you with the desired results.

The above-said skin care tips when followed will help in protecting your skin.

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