Winter Skin Care Tips For 2023

During winter, you have to undergo harsh weather. You will find your skin getting tight, dry, irritated, and itchy. During summer humidity in the air gives sufficient moisturizer to your skin. However, in winters the climate will suck your moisturizer. There is also a lack of nourishing vitamins that causes skin problem to a greater extent. Those living in colder places have to face the harsh weather and they even stick to the indoors so that they don’t have to face the harsh weather. As there is less humidity in the air, it is essential to your skin healthy, shiny, and fresh. The harsh weather also sucks the natural oils in your skin which results in dehydration.

During winters, you have to go out where you will face the harsh weather. When you return home, you need to stay near the places where there is a heating point. Under both conditions, your skin will be the first organ that will be affected. Let’s see here some of the skincare tips to maintain your skin at its best during winter.

  • Use Humidifier:

When you use a humidifier, it increases in the level of moisture in the air that will provide your skin with lesser dryness. Use it in your bedroom when you sleep in the night so that it will reduce the dryness as well as heating effects. But it is good to go through the tips given in the manual before using them.

  • Bath with Lukewarm Water:

During winter, it is ideal to take bath in the warm water instead of taking a shower or bathtub. This will make your skin dry very soon. Some people might also be forced with skin dryness, irritation, and other ailments that are common during winter. You can use baking soda in the water that you are going to bath as this will bring down the skin dryness.

  • Sufficient consumption of water:

During winter because of the harsh weather, you may not feel like drinking water. But it is not ideal and you should take sufficient water that will keep your skin healthy as well as glowing.

  • Care for your Hands and Feet:

Normally, we tend to ignore our hands and feet. We may not cover them properly and even we wash them with cold water. All these lead to the dryness of hand and feet skin. So, it is good for you to wear gloves and socks after applying moisturizer or lotion.

Though you have seen about how to keep your skin glowing during winter, always consult your dermatologist who can provide you with skincare tips according to the type of your skin.

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