What You Need To Know About Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant is a surgical process done to add more hair to a balding area of head.

This is done by taking hair follicle from the donor site (denser part of the scalp or any other part) and grafting it to the recipient site (the balding part). This technique was first introduced in the year 1939 in Japan. The modern transplant procedure that mimics the original hair orientation to give the transplanted hair a natural look is called Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) which can be done in two different ways—

  • Strip harvesting: removing a strip of hair from donor site and separating it before grafting)
  • Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE): extraction of one hair follicle at a time.

How much efficient is Hair Transplant?

Research has proven that this technique is far more successful than any other expensive hair product or hair treatment routine but there are some facts about hair transplant that you ned to know before undergoing the surgery—

  • Around 10-80 percent of the transplanted hair will fully grow back in an estimated 3-4-month time.
  • Like regular hair, transplanted hair will also thin over time.
  • People with dormant hair follicles may have fewer effective transplants but a plasma therapy (a new technique) can help up to 75 percent or more of the transplanted hairs fully grow back.

Cost of hair Transplant in India

Normally the overall cost of the complete procedure depends on the extent of the transplant procedure, number of grafting, availability of surgeons in your area, experience of the surgeon and surgical technique chosen. On an average, the cost varies from INR 60,000 to INR 1,00,000 which is comparatively less than other western countries. If you are about to go for a hair transplant then you must go for hairfall treatment in Delhi.

Some tips to keep in mind after Hair Transplant

Just like other surgeries, there are some restrictions that you will need to keep in mind after hair transplant. They are—

  • Wait a few days after the surgery to wash your hair and use very mild shampoo for the first few weeks
  • The doctor may put you on antibiotics for few days
  • Take 2-3 days off before joining office
  • Don’t exercise for about a week to restrict sweat formation on head
  • Don’t press a brush or comb down over the new grafts for about 3 weeks
  • Don’t wear any hats or pullover shirts and jackets until your doctor say its ok

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