What Are Some Myths About Tanned Skin

Most of the people want their skin to look more attractive, glowing, and beautiful. To achieve this, they have to go for tanning or sunbathing.


But there are several myths about this which results in the damaging instead of benefitting from this process. Let’s see here some of the myths that are surrounding the tanning process.


  • People normally think that they can’t tan during the winter or the rainy season as there will be little or no sun. This is wrong. Clouds do filter a small amount of UV light but this will not cause any damage to your skin. You need not have to use any sunscreen or follow skincare tips but you will tan.
  • Another myth is that if you are in the water, you cannot tan. This is again false. When you get into the water, you may not feel the heat. But still, you will tan as the sun is burning and damage potential. When you go to the ocean or pool for swimming, it will only wash away the sunscreen that you are wearing. Go for the water-resistant sunscreen during winter. The skincare tips here are that you wear sunscreen when you get out of the water or once in an hour.
  • It is quite common that people use umbrellas or large hats to prevent the damages caused by the sun. Even though you use these, this cannot prevent the sun from intruding on your fragile skin. So it cannot be taken as a sunscreen. You can even wear lightweight but sun-resistant clothing. Though it may filter light, the ultraviolet rays can burn the skin right through these clothes. Hence, wear a hat, proper attire, always sit in the shade, and also don’t forget to wear sunscreen.
  • Baby or mineral oil accelerates tanning is not true as it does not contain sunscreen. They might accelerate burning and do not protect against sun damage.
  • Applying moisturizer after sunbathing is also false. When the skin gets burned it will automatically peel. When you moisturize to well-protected skin might help replace some of the water in the dehydrated and exposed skin. This might also act as lubricate in peeling areas. The end result is nothing can prevent the sun-damaged skin from peeling.
  • Applying the moisturizer will not also serve the purpose. But people normally think this will protect them from sun-damage.

Thus, you should get out of the above myths about tanned skins. When you contact the dermatologist, they will provide you with the skincare tips.


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