STRETCH MARKS – What About Them?

Stretch marks are mainly caused by a defect within the collagen protein community suggests the Dermapoint skin clinic. These protein-rich substances give the skin resilience and also prevent damage to the skin-binding fibers. When there is a continuous stretch on the middle layer of skin responsible for flexibility and stretch, it bursts in many places and becomes a stretch mark. Depending on the nature of the scarring, they appear initially as red or purple lines that can feel indented, but they also disappear and become lighter with time. They develop in both men and women, on the belly, arms and armpits, breasts, thighs, and buttocks are common places on the body where stretch marks develop, but they are not limited to these areas and can grow anywhere on the body. 

  • Causes of stretch marks : 

Stretch marks normally form as the body rapidly changes shape, causing the skin to develop or contract. Pregnancy and weight gain are common causes of stretch marks, but when an adolescent has a growth spurt, stretch marks often form after beginning a new bodybuilding or weightlifting regimen, during rapid weight loss, and during puberty. When teens hit puberty, strips occur due to physical development.  These sudden and fast-growing strips later become stretch marks.

The direct cause of stretch marks is reduced elasticity of the skin, typically as a consequence of the inefficient development of collagen throughout the body. Collagen is a naturally formed protein in the body. When collagen production is reduced, if combined with rapid changes in the shape of the body, the skin becomes more fragile and likely to tear and scar.

  • What can be done to prevent stretch marks?

Keeping the skin hydrated by drinking the recommended amount of water each day helps. Harmful Ultraviolet rays can reduce collagen development in the body, so wearing sunblock can help prevent stretch marks. By giving skin time when gaining or losing weight gradually rather than quickly can decrease the risk of stretch marks developing.  By softening the skin and increasing skin elasticity, regular application of a stretch mark cream or lotion will minimize the chances of developing stretch marks.

  • Dermapoint Dermatology Clinic providing stretchmark treatment :

Stretchmarks may fade over time but getting rid of them completely requires proper treatment. There are a number of ways to treat stretch marks which we provide at Dermapoint Dermatology Clinic. We have specialized laser treatment. This is a method with a light foundation. This is an efficient strategy to get rid of stains. In this, the laser beam is applied to the skin affected and, layer by layer, the skin is corrected. This step is totally painless and is a quick operation. Microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and laser therapy are performed by a qualified doctor. Stretchmarks on any part of your body can be targeted and we aim to get 100% results!

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