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When acne leaves, it also leaves with it the scars which take a lot of time to subside. These scars caused because of acne could be of many types. Some of these scars are easy to treat Boldenone Undecylenate (Equipose) while others might take a lot of time to vanish away from your skin. Home remedies might make the process of treating your scar very slow. This is when you can go for acne treatment in Delhi. Good acne treatment in Delhi is not only going to treat your acne but scar as well. Here are the different methods used to treat acne scars:
  1. Soft tissue fillers:
Under this method of acne treatment in Delhi, your dermatologist injects collagen or fat under the skin and also into the indented scars in order to fill out or stretch the skin. This makes your scars less noticeable. However, it is important to mention that this treatment is not permanent and you would need to repeat the treatment every now and then.
  • Laser resurfacing:
Laser resurfacing is one of the popular medical methods which not only treats your scars but other problems as well. Under this procedure, the dermatologist makes the use of laser technology to improve the overall appearance of your skin. This makes your skin look flawless and radiant as ever.
  • Energy-based procedures:
Various other energy-based products are also used for acne treatment in Delhi and scar treatment. These procedures include pulsed light sources as well as radiofrequency devices which help your scars look less noticeable. The good thing about these procedures is that they do not damage the outer layer of your skin. Results are very subtle.
  • Dermabrasion:
Another efficient method that treats all your acne scars like a pro is dermabrasion. This procedure is usually for all those people who suffer from severe scarring. This procedure involves removal of the top layer of your skin which is done by rotating a wire brush repeatedly.
  • Chemical peeling:
Chemical peeling is known to be one of the finest acne treatments in Delhi which helps to subside your acne at large. Under this method of treatment, high-potency acid is applied on to the skin which removes it topmost layers and helps to minimize the scars which are deeper.
  • Needling or rolling:
This method involves rolling a needle-studded device on to the skin that helps to stimulate the underlying tissue. This treatment is known to be very safe and simple and can treat your acne scars effectively. However, you are required to repeat this treatment as the results are subtle. In order to figure out which acne treatment in Delhi and scar treatment is suitable for you, you must discuss it with your dermatologist.

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