Proven Ways To Get Rid Of Dark Lips Naturally

Everyone dream to have beautiful lips complimenting their looks. The attractive smile enhances when you possess supple, pink and defined lips. But, the beauty disperses when skin around the lips starts getting dark. Like our body inside out, skin of lips also requires equal attention and skincare routine.

Some major causes for dark lips

  • Smoking– It is one of the reason because of which lips get affected the most.
  • Tea and coffee intake– Excessive intake of tea and coffee increases the melanin of the skin. Hot temperature of the tea affects the delicate skin of the lips.

What is the cure?

To get rid of dark lips by using natural ingredients available around, you need to follow the below mentioned skincare tips

  • Coconut oil or enriched balm– Since ages, coconut oil has won the hearts of millions of people around the world for its healing properties. It is also known as miracle oil because it can solve almost all skin issues. Dark patches, pigmentation and dark lips can be cured by applying coconut oil every day at night before going to sleep. Gently massage a pinch of oil on lips in a circular motion. Absorb it nicely so that you do not swallow. Now, do not eat or drink water and just go for a sweet sleep. Henceforth, make it a skincare routine to get those soft and pink looking lips back again.
  • Lemon honey pack– Lemon and honey is easily available in the market. It enhances the softness of the skin. Mix lemon drops in a half tea spoon of honey. Apply like a lip gloss so that pack does not descend on chin or sideways. Use the mixture every day when you are at home, do not confront air pollution as dirt may stick to the lips and later invites infectious bacteria. Always wipe the lemon and honey serum with the help of wet cotton. However, use it for 2 weeks each night and leave for an hour.
  • Apple cider vinegar- This citrus liquid is magical and contains medicinal properties. Never apply vinegar directly, use wet cotton and pore some drops of apple cider. Apply for few minutes every day so that your dark skin becomes soft and pink within 2 weeks of span.
  • Beetroot juice– Extracts the juice of beetroot and store in the refrigerator. You can add sugar also to make it a scrub. In your free time take out from the refrigerator and apply gently with an index finger. Keep rubbing for 2 to 3 minutes and do not wipe. Let beetroot juice absorbed by the skin of your lips. Therefore, the above mentioned skincare tips are natural and very useful in daily life.

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