Natural Remedies For Skin Health

Nature has gifted us with healthy and beautiful skin. Our skin is soft, supple, and glowing. But in the long run, the skin slowly loses its charm and results in various skin problems that affect your body.  First of all, you must understand the skin structure and its function so that you get an idea as to how to maintain your skin. Let’s see here about the various layers of skin.

  • The Epidermis is a very thin layer. But it varies on our body in different places. This depends on the area that requires special needs. For example, the epidermis on the eyelids is thin. But when you see the epidermis on your palm and sole are very thick.
  • The Dermis is below the Epidermis and is thicker and much stronger dermis. This is made up of connective tissue that is made up of a protein called collagen. The dermis contains blood vessels, nerves, lymph vessels, several types of glands, and hair. You will also find elastin, protein fibres in the dermis.
  • The subcutaneous tissue or the fat-containing layer is found beneath the dermis. It actually stores fat which varies in different parts of the body.

Now, you have learned about various layers of the skin. Let’s see about the skincare tips which will provide the skin with natural remedies.

  • Aloe Vera –It provides the skin with natural moisturizers. This is because of its nature to hold water in large amounts.
  • Vegetable Oils – These contain nutrition and also cure burns, scalds, and acts as natural hair oil.
  • Camphor – The effective anti-septic will not only help in maintaining skin but also removes pimples. When combined with other herbs it provides a great result.
  • Holy Basil – This wonderful medicinal herb is ideal for different skin problems.

Apart from the above, you can also follow the below said natural products that are very easy to obtain and will help in maintaining your skin. It is also better to take skincare tips from your dermatologist.

  • Garlic footbath
  • Repeated application of crushed parsley leaves that provides faster healing
  • Fructose helps in getting rid of the hangover
  • Ginger when used in teas and lemonade, removes the headache. It also helps in getting a good night’s sleep
  • Fresh cucumber helps in soothing the sunburn. Apply the cut opened cucumber directly on the injury for best results
  • Ginkgo helps people suffering from ringing in the ears when nothing else works

Thus, you have now seen the skincare tips for maintaining your skin by using natural products. Always take advice from your dermatologist about using the various natural products that will help in the healthy maintenance of your skin.

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