Is Laser Treatment Permanent Solution For Moles

A melanocytic nevus or mole is composed of masses of melanocytes, which is the pigment-producing cells of the skin.

Moles are medically called nevi is a cluster of pigmented cells that vary in size, shapes, and colours. Mostly, moles are harmless but in certain cases, it becomes precancerous which needs to be removed. Removal of moles takes only a short time. Of late, laser treatment in Delhi is quite handy for those who want to remove the moles. When you get in touch with the dermatologists, they will very easily remove them within a short time. There are two methods of mole removals and they are surgical excision and surgical shave.

In surgical excision or cutting method, local anaesthesia is given to the person who needs to be treated. This will be done as an outpatient. The scalpel or surgical scissors are used to remove the top layer of the skin. After the removal, the skin is closed by stitches which will fade away with the time. Some skin moles are shaved with the scalpel especially when they are superficial. Sometimes this irritates the skin. The non-cancerous moles that are not grown to the deeper layers of skin are frozen off with the application of liquid nitrogen which leaves a small blister on the skin. When you go for laser treatment, it uses intense bursts of light radiation to break down the melanin pigment clot in the skin. It removes the mole slowly. But laser treatment in Delhi can only be applied to the moles that are not deeper. Of course, this can be used to remove multiple moles at a time.

When your mole is painful, oozes or bleeds, itches or burns then the person must contact the dermatologist immediately. If the mole reappears after the treatment, then you should consult your dermatologist. The mole that is developed after 30 years of age, then it might become cancerous. Hence, it is ideal to remove them. Most of the moles are benign and harmless. In case, you don’t want to have them then you can get it removed by a dermatologist.

The side effects of the mole removal depend on the area that is treated and the method used. Some people might develop an allergy to anaesthesia which might result in nerve damage. Sometimes it might redden, cause pain, a hot feeling to the skin. Sometimes you might even get pus from the wound. When you get a blood infection, it could be fatal. Hence, it is ideal to get in touch with the dermatologists who are experts to get your mole removal done.

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