Dealing Unwanted Hair With Laser Hair Reduction

Body and face hair can be one of the most annoying things to deal with – it does not matter how many times you get rid of it; it keeps on coming back! If you like the hair on your body, it’s cool, but if you love that silky smooth and fresh feeling, then no doubt you might e curious about laser hair reduction – it is a technique to remove hairs from which you will get rid of the hairs for good.

Not only you’ll save thousands of dollars in leg and bikini waxes over the years, but you are also going to save time and, most importantly, all the pain! Whether you are done shaving your legs, a fluffy mustache, having peach fuzz, or your bikini line needs too much effort to maintain, having laser is the best solution.

How does the laser technique work?

The method works by targeting a pigment known as melanin that loves into the bulge region deep within the hair follicle. This heats up, which makes the follicle damaged or eradicates it, which eliminates the growth of hair or damages it to dramatically slow down the hair growth in that follicle. Several treatments are needed for best results.

Can any person get the laser done?

As the laser target pigment, it is used the best in those with darker hair and lighter skin. The issue with using a laser hair reduction technique is that the melanin in the upper layers of the skin will absorb some of the light of the laser and heat up, which can lead to burning in the skin. Similarly, if the person has fair hair, the laser will be less effective.

Where the laser works best?

The best areas are underarms, lower legs, and bikini. Facial hair can be challenging and difficult because the hair is more delicate and is driven hormonally and stubborn.

How many sessions of laser are needed?

Depending on the area getting treated, it can take anywhere between 5-10 treatments; areas of darker hair such as bikini, lower legs, and underarms do the best with fewer treatments. The face can be the most persistent area and might need more sessions.

After the completion of the treatment, some of the hairs will never grow back, but some of them might still need intermittent treatment every year or so.

Bottom Line

It is highly recommended to check out the deals for laser hair reduction. Finally, go through the reviews and make sure to choose the certified clinic.

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