Best Skincare Routine For Acne

Lack of proper facial hygiene will encourage the development of spots and worsen acne. This means to adopt the regular skincare discipline that will cure in the long run. Miracle will not happen overnight. You can even refer to skincare tips that are available online.

You can go for a daily cleansing and moisturizing routine with products that are specifically made to treat acne and also blemishes. When you do regular cleansing it will remove the dead skin cells on the surface and the excess oiliness. However, the products that are too harsh should not be used or should not even scrub vigorously as the skin’s response will be to produce oils to combat the dryness as well as irritation and thereby create a vicious circle. The most effective skin routine that you should do every day is to cleanse – tonic – moisturizer. Also, twice a week use gentle exfoliant with salicylic acid.

You can even go for over-the-counter creams and even take oral medication. However, before using it read the instructions clearly to use them properly. You should how it will react and what results you will get that too within what time frame you will get it. Generally, the sufferers should try out few different treatments until they find the right treatment that suits them best. But there are some proven ingredients that work across the board and can also be found in the most effective treatments. They are as follows:

Benzoyl peroxide: The most popular over the counter acne cream works by targeting the bacteria at the base of the follicle and reducing the inflammation. This in turn, loosens the build-up of pus in blackheads, as well as, whiteheads and dries out the pore and acts as an exfoliant. To-date, it is the most effective topical anti-bacterial available in the market that too comes in different combination. It is to be accepted that its effectiveness is due to the fact that it is a harsh chemical and will produce allergic reactions in some people. It is always wise to consult a dermatologist before embarking on the course of treatment to found out the best concentration.

Other than this Salicyclic acid and glycolic acid are the other two products that can work well for the acne. However, majority of people feel that it is the most ideal combination when a cleanser is added with salicyclic or glycolic acid. You can also add alcohol free toner and also benzoyl product can also be applied to achieve best results.

By following above mentioned skincare tips you can easily ward off the acne. Your skin will be shiny and healthy also.

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