10 Ways To Protect Your Hair From The Sun

Have you ever thought about how the sun affects your hair? Just like it makes the skin damaged, it can also ruin your scalp and hair.

So now it’s time to know about the hair care tips to protect them from heat, sun, and humidity.

  1. Start with a fresh haircut

Whether your hairs are long or short, the summer weather can make the ends of the hair frizzy and dry, and no doubt, it’s a bad look! Summer is the best time to give yourself a new haircut.

  • Use conditioner after shampoo

If the hairs have already become dry, damaged and brittle, you can get it moisturized with the help of good quality conditioner. Get the one that suits your hair texture and type.

  • Care for the color of your hair

If you ever had color done on your hair, you need to take extra care in summer. Chemical treatments done on hair with the summer can lead to a lot of damage, color fading, and dryness.

  • Beat the summer heat

As the hair gets exposed to the sun, avoid tools such as dryers and irons as much as you could in the summer.

  • Shampoo with care

Shampoo daily is not recommended. If the hair gets easily sweaty and greasy and you feel the need to shampoo every day, choose a mild shampoo. Clean the scalp and not the hair. It is one of the best hair care tips.

  • Meet your summer best friend

Instead of washing hair, go for a dry shampoo. It is best to soak the excess oil without causing any damage to the scalp.

  • Overnight hair treatment

Apply a leave-in conditioner from roots to the ends and wrap a towel around the hair. Leave it overnight and wake up with soft and silky hair.

  • Go for swimming

Do you know swimming is better for your hair too? The pool can entirely strip your hair of the natural and protective oils, and the same is with the ocean as well.

  • Protection from the sun

The best way is by wearing a cap or hat. If this is not the thing that you like, you can use the leave-in conditioner with SPF.

  1. Use a wide-tooth comb

Instead of brushing hairs with a regular comb, use the one with wide-tooth. This will help to detangle the hair.

Make sure to follow the hair care tips mentioned above, and you’ll never find your hair damaged even in summer.

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