Stretch Marks Reduction

Stretch Marks are lesions on the skin that occurs when the skin reaches the limit of its elasticity and create a mark to expand to accommodate the additional space that one needs as one gets bigger.
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Stretch Marks Reduction

Regain confidence in your skin with the best stretch marks reduction treatment!!!

Stretch marks are classified as long stripes or narrow streaks on the skin that develops when there is over-stretching of the skin beyond its elastic limit. This skin concern can affect both men and women, although women are more affected than men. Stretch marks can appear on body parts such as the stomach, hips, breasts, lower back, thighs, and upper arms. This skin concern is not dangerous but does affect the self-esteem and confidence of an individual.

Three key layers of the skin are epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous. Stretch marks are formed on the dermis layer when the connective tissues are stretched more than the elasticity limit.

These marks are caused by alteration or changes in the structural support (rupture of the collagen and elastin fibers) of the skin present in the deeper layers. The collagen and elastin are responsible for maintaining skin elasticity, and when subjected to extreme tension or pressure, the skin proteins are ruptured. The protein present in the skin has fixed limited ability and stretch, and they often break, which causes abnormal collagen development, leaving the skin damaged and forming stretch marks.

Hereditary factors, pregnancy, hormonal changes, excessive weight gain, or weight loss are also responsible for causing stretch marks.

The treatment provided by the expert dermatologist at Dermapoint helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks by regeneration of skin and activates new collagen, elastin, and melanin production.

Various treatment options are available for stretch mark removal, and depending upon one's skin type, and for the concern, the treatment is provided.

Many times combinations of treatments are provided to remove old, white stretch marks or red stretch marks.

Stretch Marks treatment

PRP treatment

PRP is a regenerative treatment that uses platelets rich plasma to promote skin rejuvenation, repair damage, and boost collagen production. It is non-invasive, painless, posing no risk of allergy or infection.

Laser treatment

The lasers also stimulate collagen and elastin's remodeling and help stretch marks blend with the surrounding skin area. The laser heat breaks the dark scar tissues and provides an improved skin tone and texture.

Collagen Induction Therapy or Microneedling

A handheld device or dermaroller is used to create targeted injuries in the skin. Then essential growth factors and minerals are infused in the target area that is absorbed by the skin. The treatment also promotes the production of new skin cells, boosts collagen, and elastin production. Multiple sessions are recommended to achieve great results.

Other treatment
  • Vitamin A creams
  • Vitamin E creams
  • Moisturizes
  • Over-the-counter creams
  • Lifestyle changes
One can use some preventive measures to reduce the risk of stretch marks, such as

  • Maintaining a healthy diet
  • Intake of a diet which is rich in vitamin and minerals
  • Application cocoa butter, olive oil, and almond oil
  • One should aim for slow and gradual weight gain
  • Keeping the body hydrated by consuming six to eight glasses of water daily

Stretch marks can be a significant source of embarrassment for many individuals. To get the best treatment for stretch marks concerns, pay a visit today at Dermapoint!