This is an effective hair re-growth treatment. It boosts hair growth and is an effective non-surgical cosmetic therapy that provides the right nutrients in the right quantity.
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Hair fall is a concern for many men and women. Hair fall is generally caused due to thyroid disease, anemia, protein deficiency, secondary syphilis, chemotherapy, and low vitamin levels. Hormonal imbalance around follicles, poor blood circulation, and lack of essential nutrients also cause hair loss.

Mesotherapy is an advanced medical treatment that is popularly performed to promote hair re-growth. This treatment is performed to cure baldness, hair loss and control hair fall in both males and females.

This is a non-invasive treatment in which essential hormones, plant extracts, chemicals, minerals, growth factors, vitamins are injected into the scalp that helps improve blood circulation and promote the growth of the hair follicles. This makes it an effective treatment for hair loss.

The term 'meso' means mesoderm, and it refers to the middle layer of the skin, and this treatment target and stimulates the middle layer and manages hair loss concerns. The treatment uses the right material so that the hair follicle can survive and grow and also neutralizes the excess dihydrotestosterone level.

During the treatment depending upon the severity of hair loss, the solutions are determined. The doctor injects a series of injections in the middle layer of the skin. The injection contains herbal and plant extracts, biotin, prescription medications, certain enzymes like collagens, and hormone-like calcitonin.

During the treatment, numbing medicine is also applied to the scalp skin to make the treatment comfortable.


  • Stop hair loss
  • Stimulate natural hair growth
  • Virtually painless and safe
  • Non invasive therapy
  • Amino acids, nucleic acids, and co-enzymes

The treatment can be delivered by small needles or by making small micro-perforations that induce a healing process. The small pores created by microneedling treatment produce collagen, elastin, and also improve the blood flow and growth factor response at the treated area. The action of chemical and mechanical injury helps stimulate natural hair growth.

The treatment takes between 10 and 30 minutes, depending on the severity of hair loss and area target. Multiple sessions are recommended to achieve complete hair rejuvenation.

After care

  • After the treatment, the patient must consume a healthy diet and must drink enough water to remove toxins from the body.
  • Avoid the application of cosmetics or other creams at the site of treatment as it can cause chemical burn or infection.
  • Protect the treated area from direct sunlight
  • Do not perform activities that increase blood pressure.