Laser Hair Removal


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Get Flawless Skin With Our Laser Hair Reduction Packages

Laser Hair Reduction Packages

How Does Laser Technology Work?

– Let’s break it down and go back to the roots. (Pun intended) So, the melanin in your hair follicle absorbs the laser light, which heats up the hair follicle. This laser destroys the roots.

– Don’t worry, the surrounding skin will be safe. Plus, there will be no ingrowths. Yes, those annoying little things. All gone.

– The result? Silky smooth skin that you can’t get enough of. Enjoy the freedom of being able to wear your favorite sleeveless dresses whenever you want.
– We use the latest laser technology to solve the problem of unwanted hair. Our technology of quadruple wavelength laser is a combination of 4 wavelengths – 755+810+940+1064 nm.-

– Compared to the traditionally used diode and triple wavelength lasers, our new quadruple wavelength laser reduces all types of hair – fine, medium, and thick hair. What’s more, it’s safe for all skin types

– The laser also has an ice-cool technology that doesn’t allow the skin to get heated. Talk about a comfortable and painless experience! So, just sit back and bid adieu to that unwanted hair.

Why should you try our laser hair reduction packages?


Book a service at the comfort of your home or at one of our centers. Our experts will do the rest.


We use 4 Wavelength ice cool gel technology. Unlike other lasers, ours doesn’t heat up the skin.


Waxing, threading or plucking allow for in-growths. With LHR no hair root, so no body hair.


Our latest laser technology is safe for your skin, our therapists follow mandatory safety measures.

Why laser hair reduction is better than waxing?


Waxing Procedures


Laser Hair Reduction

How our laser hair reduction treatment work ?


The therapist shaves the area to be treated


A cooling gel is applied on the area to be treated.


The ice cool laser technology does its magic


A soothing moisturizer is applied.

What Our Customers Say

My therapist was very helpful and informative during the whole session.
Jyoti Batra
I totally loved the service. It was my first session and I loved their professionalism.
Sana Hussain
Absolutely love the treatment! amazing results, super hygienic and very professional.
Aditi Dhiman
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