Some Common Dental Problems In Children

Some Common Dental Problems In Children

A child’s oral healthcare is as much as important as that of any other ailment it faces during its early years.

Most of the adults tend to argue that their child is in its early years and the dental problem cannot happen. They feel that even if they have any teeth problems, it will automatically be solved when the permanent teeth appear. However, it is ideal to take care of the teeth in their formative years so that the child will not face any problem related to teeth when they grow up. It is imperative to start oral hygiene by consulting the dentist in Delhi who will advise you on the right method right from their childhood.

Are you aware that the tooth decay starts in a child during the nursing years itself? This is called the baby bottle tooth decay. Children tend to drink breast milk, formulas, fruit juices, and plain water with sugar. All of these contain sugar and the child becomes the victim as the bacteria feeds on this. This eventually damages the gums as well as teeth. As a result, the child is affected with tooth decay and suffers from pain and discomfort. This will also cause improper alignment of permanent teeth in the long run.

It is good for the parents and primary caregivers to clean the baby’s mouth with a piece of cloth soaked in the water after feeding right from its birth. This should also be followed when the feeding bottle is used. You should not make the kid sleep with a bottle feed with milk. Instead, use the pacifier when you are putting the kid to sleep. As the baby grows up, the use of a feeding bottle should be avoided and they should be fed with cups with straws.

When the child starts its schooling, it loses its teeth. This is predominantly due to tooth decay. Sometimes the kid might lose one or two teeth when they play. This will affect the growth of permanent teeth and might be misaligned. It is advisable to get it treated by your dentist in Delhi.

Once the children get the understanding ability, it should be educated about the need for oral hygiene. The child should be made to follow the oral hygiene. They should not be made to eat snacks in between the meals. They should be provided with a nutritious diet that will make their teeth strong and free from any ailments. It is also ideal for the child to brush their teeth after every meal and use the fluoride toothpaste.

Always take the advice of dentist in Delhi and with their help you can achieve the best possible result for your child’s oral healthcare.

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