Milk Teeth – Are They Important?

Milk Teeth – Are They Important?

Milk teeth or the baby’s primary teeth are very important. They need to be properly maintained just like permanent teeth.

These teeth not only hold the space for permanent teeth but also help in chewing, biting, speaking, and appearance. They help the permanent teeth to appear in their place and prevent them from crooked. They also play a major role in the child’s physical, emotional, and social development. When you consult the dentist in Delhi, he will advise you on the importance of these milk teeth which are as listed below:

  • Milk teeth guide the permanent teeth to get fixed in its original place. In case, the milk teeth are lost early due to tooth decay, then the adjacent teeth will utilize that space and the permanent teeth cannot get fixed at its original space.
  • The permanent teeth are found below the roots of the milk teeth.  In case, the milk teeth are much smaller and if the cavities spread very quickly. Then it needs to be treated immediately. If not, it will result in the infection or abscess which will not allow the permanent tooth to develop properly and causes damage to them.
  • Milk teeth are important as it is helpful in chewing the food. But if it has a cavity which results in dental pain, the child may not able to eat properly. The cavities should not be left without any treatment. Because it might develop abscess which will result in an emergency situation which can lead up to a loss of life. Hence, any infection in the child’s teeth should be attended immediately.
  • The milk teeth are important as it helps the tongue, lip, and cheeks while they speak. The presence, as well as proper positioning of these teeth, is important in getting the correct pronunciation when they speak. The tooth also supports the formation of the facial muscles and provides your child with a nice shape to its face.
  • The pain in the milk teeth will also affect the child’s ability to pay attention and learn. The pain will not allow the child to interact with others. This will result in a lack of confidence as well as self-esteem in the child. They might have to miss their school and the parents need to take them on an emergency basis to the dentist.

From all of the above, you might have learnt about the importance of the milk teeth. When you take your child to dentist in Delhi, she will advise you on how to maintain the oral hygiene of the child.

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