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We have a team of the best skin doctor in Gurugram. Our doctors are ethical, knowledgeable, responsible, skillful and trustworthy. Derma Point is the best skin dr in Gurgaon. Book an appointment now!


Our senior skin specialist Dr Anju Mangla has an experience of 16 years.She Graduated From Maulana Azad College in 1995 and Subsequently post graduated from Lady Hardinge Medical College in 1999.

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Derma Point is a trustworthy and the best skin care clinic in Gurgaon.Laser Hair Reduction

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16 Years Experience
MD – Dermatology, MBBS
Skin Dr In Gurgaon

Dr Anju Gupta with her vast experience in the field of Dermatology is the best skin doctor in Gurugram. She is the best when it comes to skin dr in Gurgaon amid the plethora of choices available. When it comes to skin doctor in Gurugram we go for the best and best skin doctor in Gurugram make tall claims, but there is something more than platitudes with Dr Gupta. Her skincare speciali-sation has made her a name among the skin dr in Gurgaon. Her vast experience assures us that we are going to the skin doctor in Gurugram.

If we look at her experience and academics, it will suffice to prove that we are going for the best skin doctor in Gurugram. A medical graduate from Maulana Azad College, 1995 with a post-graduate specialisation in Dermatology from another great institution, Lady Hardinge Medical Col-lege in 1999. She has worked in this field for a considerably large time span and its more than two decades. Her experience along with her academic background shows us the larger picture and we can be assured that we are going to the best skin dr in Gurgaon.

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The treatment for leukoderma is indeed a tough road but if you are headed towards Dermapoint which has the best skin doctor in Gurugram, you can be assured of getting great care for leukoder-ma. They use Antioxidants, vitamins, creams, ultraviolet light treatment for providing the best treatment.

When it comes to the best skin doctor in Gurugram, the cost isn’t a bone of contention. The overall cost is always feasible when it comes to the best skincare. Overall pricing is decent when it comes to assessing it on the qualitative aspect of the treatment.

skin dr in gurgaon