Urticaria is a dermatological disorder characterized by the sudden appearance of either itchy hives along with angioedema (swollen lips) or both. Urticaria or skin rashes is an allergic condition in which people develop a rash, red spots on face, body and at times develops swelling of lips and eyes too. Swelling of lips and eyes are known as angioedema. Angioedema is one of the severest forms of allergy which can be life-threatening.

Why does Urticaria occur?

Urticaria or skin rash can occur because of anything that your body is not able to cope up. It might be something in your diet that you are allergic to or something you are inhaling or applying or even if you are having infections in your body. This can also occur if you are going out in the sun and water. If someone is suffering from itching, redness and rashes, he or she needs treatment. And once he or she is diagnosed with it their treatment options are oral histamines, oral steroids and other drugs. Oral histamines are the drugs which are given specifically for anti-allergies.


-The treatment of urticaria involves avoiding known triggers like egg, milk, peanuts or physical stimulus like pressure, temperature sun exposure; bacterial and viral infections. It needs regular moisturization of the skin to avoid scratching. Wearing loose and comfortable clothes can comfort the patient with urticaria. People suffering from this skin ailment should avoid stress and tension.

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