Smile Designing

Smile Designing

Smile designing is nothing but the process of improving the overall appearance of various cosmetic dentistry procedures. This involves composite bonding, teeth implants, teeth whitening, and dental veneers. Please be aware, that this process will involve a reconstruction of one’s complete mouth for aesthetic and functional reasons. Not all the dentist can provide you with quality and professional treatment.Based on this parameter only you have to select the dentist. Normally, people make a mistake in selecting the right dentist as they think that their regular dentist will do this procedure which is not correct. Only those dentists who excels in the cosmetic dentistry will be the ideal as they will provide complete smile makeover.


Who is eligible for this treatment?


The people having the following problems are eligible for the treatment:


  • ·         Crooked or protruded teeth
  • ·         A broken or chipped tooth
  • ·         Gum bleeding
  • ·         Dark patches on the gum
  • ·         Stained or discoloured teeth

Those who go for this treatment also opt for a fuller, as well as, thicker lips treatment. Smile designing not only gives the tooth with quality restoration but also provides you with a fuller and thicker look.


Options for smile design treatment


There are different options available based on which this treatment is given and they are as follows:


Tooth whitening:It is an integral part of smile designing. If the patients have stained teeth, first the dentist will remove the stains and your teeth will be lightened.


Porcelain Veneers/Crowns:One common method of smile designing is the removal of tooth structure and filling this with the porcelain veneers. This will be bonded to the teeth. This will help in increasing the beauty and also align the teeth as well.


Invisalign:This technique dominates the total cost of the smile design treatment. In this method, the dentist uses invisible braces to straighten the shape of the teeth.


Based on the condition of the teeth of the patient any one of the above methods or all the treatments is performed to provide them with the smile designing treatment.


Cost of quality & professional Smile Design


Cosmetic dentistry is costlier than normal dental treatment. There is no fixed price as the treatment will be performed based onthe colour of the tooth, as well as, the shape of it. With this treatment, your smile will appear beautiful.


If you are looking for the right dentist who can provide you with a good smile, then get in touch with us at Doctor’s Point. Our expertise in the field will provide you with a good quality of smile and make you look unique from the rest. 

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