Single/Multiple Implants

Single/Multiple Implants

Replacing the missing teeth with the help ofsingle/multiple implants is the most advanced, latest and dependable treatment established in the last few decades. It is now possible for every person to achieve the function and aesthetics they desire even after the loss of the natural teeth.

From time to time, it has been the goal of every professional to stimulate and restore the loss of missing teeth with a smile and especially the function. The goal of the patient is to get what he has lost in regards to a beautiful smile and eat everything on which he could only grapple. Nowadays, it is possible with scientific evidence, breakthrough and research in modern-day technology with our implants’ treatment provided at the best cost.

The evidence-based dentistry has revolutionised the protocol of treatment,making it a best and preferred choice. The use of implants not only increases the general appearance of a person but also boosts confidence and makes them a lot younger.

Using the removable prosthesis can not only prove to be uncomfortable to the patient but also leads to loss of bone underlying to the denture, trauma to other teeth and increases the build-up of plaque. Evenon the other hand, the prosthesis offers a fixed alternative which preserves the bone while no damage is caused to the adjacent teeth.

Complete and partial replacement of the teeth

Single/multiple implants can be used for different types of cases ranging from the replacement of a single missing tooth to rehabilitation of the entire dentition. When you lose something that belongs to you, you try to do everything to get it replaced with something as similar as possible. So why not do the same thing with your teeth? Implants are the next best and modernthing after your natural teeth. A single missing tooth is common in our everyday life and getting it replaced with a single implant along with the crown is the best as well as the easiest method.

Single implantation of the tooth

After extensive treatment and diagnostics planning, we aim to rehabilitate edentulous patients using the implantation of the jawdifferently at Doctor’s Point with affordable cost.

Multiple implantations of the tooth

Now and then, we have patients who walk in withrequirement for multiple implantations. Today, we prefer to offer implant-supported bridges. Although one crown per implant is considered to be ideal, it is possible to replace more teeth with fewer implants because they are stronger than the natural roots.

After diagnosis and treatment planning, we aim to rehabilitate the patients using single/multiple implants.

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