Root Canals Therapy

Root Canals Therapy

One of the common dental procedures is Root Canals. Mostly, the dentists may not explain it properly. Sometimes this treatment might not be expected but still, the dentists might end up doing it.


What is a Root Canal?


It is a funnel-shaped channel full of soft tissue that runs from the surface of a tooth down through the tooth itself but into the root. Root Canals are present in the root. Both the root stems have a root canal and in that, only the main nerve tissue is found.


The need for the treatment


When the tooth gets decayed or infected, this treatment becomes essential. The main aim of this procedure is to stop further decay and also to prevent the infection from spreading to other teeth. It might also lead to the total loss of the tooth. In this procedure, the soft tissue is removed from the canals and replaced with artificial cement.


During the treatment


Those who undergo this treatment need to be provided with local anaesthesia. This is due to the presence of soft tissue in the canal. Normally, the patient will be provided with local anaesthesia which gives numbness to the tooth and surrounding areas. After that, the dentist will drill down the tooth and removes decayed or infected tissue. All the soft tissue will be removed from the canal. This place will be filled with rubbery cement. The dentist will also take an x-ray of the treated tooth to ensure that there are no air pockets. In case, if any air pocket is found, the dentist will remove the cement and fill it again. This procedure needs to be repeated several times. Once the dentist is sure that there are no air pockets, he will seal it permanently and the remaining cavity is also filled up.


Is the treatment painful?


Root Canal treatment has a bad reputation as an unpleasant treatment. Normally, for this procedure anaesthesia will be given and then only filling is done. As the treatment is done for removing the nerve, the patient will feel moderate pain for a day or two post the procedure. Sometimes it might also be quite a lengthy procedure. In case, the patient has more nerves, then this process will take a long time to complete.


Alternative to this treatment


Most of the dentists will go for this treatment only. In case of infection, some dentists will provide antibiotics. In case, this didn’t work properly then they might have to do Root Canalsby that time, saving the tooth may not be possible. 

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