Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry

The department of pediatric dentistry offers specialised care for all children and infant related dental issues. Just like a regular physician is unable to provideskilled care for the infant, a regular dentist might not be the solution always to the dental problems of your child. Staffed with experts dealing with the infants, our dentistry department offers specialised treatment advice and plans.

As the child grows, different factors are affectingdental health,and it is essential to have the opinion of an expert. The department offers comprehensive care for adolescents and children. By following a prevention-centric approach, our specialists encourage check-up regularly and timely attention to ensure that the dental issues are few and far between.

Doctor’s Point employs best-trained anaesthesiologists to offer general and sedation anaesthesia services for children who need immediate dental care but are too young to adjust with the pain.


The dentistry department at Doctor’s Point Clinic offers the following options of treatment:

  • Prevention based solutions like fissure sealants and pit and fluoride varnish applications
  • Multidisciplinary dental therapies for adolescents and children
  • Root canal treatments for baby teeth
  • Restorative procedures which are also known as fillings
  • Dental processes which are general anaesthesia and sedation dentistry
  • Braces for irregular teeth
  • Treatment for oral habits like teeth grinding, thumb sucking, etc.
  • Dental laser
  • Dental treatments for medically compromised and differently abled adolescents and children
  • Computer-assisted local anaesthesia shots
  • Protective dental guards
  • Customised counselling on a diet for good oral dental health

Paediatric Dentistry at Doctor’s Point deals with all types of oral and dental needs of all children from adolescence to birth.

A child is not only a small adult but also a dynamically transforming human being, unlike any grown-up adult. This transformation is physiological, physical, emotional, psychological and similar is the case with teeth and jaws. Doctor’s Point recognises this thing and has a child-friendly and well-managed paediatric dentistry department for this purpose. We only employ specially trained professionals to offer sedation and general anaesthesia services for children who need immediate dental attention.

The dentist understands the dental needs of a child at different stages of development and growth. Poor dental health can affect the life of a child. Every child has a right to oral health, and we must fulfil it.

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