Night Guard

Night Guard

Did any person tell you that you do teeth grinding or have you noticed that you clench your teeth throughout the day or night? It is normal when you rub it occasionally, but if it’s frequent,then it can affect your dental health.

In medical terms, teeth grinding is known as Bruxism. Wondering what it means exactly? A night guard can prove to be beneficial in such a case. Let’s get to know more about it.

What is Bruxism?

It is the oral parafunctional habit of excessive jaw clenching or teeth grinding. It is nowhere related to functions such as talking or eating that we usually perform.This takes place often when you sleep. Infrequent bruxism might not be harmful, but when it happens regularly, it can prove to be dangerous.

How would you know you are teeth grinding?

It usuallyoccurs during sleep about which most of the people are unaware. However, a constant, mild headache or sore jaw could be its symptom. Maximum time, people get to know that they do this at night from the people who know them well.

If you grind the teeth at night, talk to Doctor’s Point. We will examine your jaw and mouth for any signs of Bruxism.

Is Bruxism harmful?

Chronic grinding can lead to some consequences like fracture, loosening or teeth loss. This can also have asignificanteffect on jaws which results in loss of hearing. In most of the cases, it can also deform the face appearance. It is always better to go with a night guard.

What are its causes?

They are unknown, but the factors affecting it are stress, anxiety, fatigue, consumption of smoking, alcohol, caffeine and sleeping issues, snoring, etc.

What can be done next?

The mouth guards can be found from the local pharmacies. But, this can’t be as good as the one that Doctor’s Point is going to make. A mouth splint can be used too, which is made from harder plastic and fits precisely over the lower or upper teeth.

Surgeries are not a better option for Bruxism. Bruxism can lead to various problems, so it is always better to get rid of it before it gets worse. But, it only needs a professional dentist. If you are looking for one, the professionals at Doctor’s Pint are here for you to get the bruxism problem solved.

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