Nail Diseases

Nail Diseases

There are different kind of nail diseases which can affect the nails and cause deformity of the nails. These disorders might be caused due to various reasons. Some of these infections are due to fungi, virus or bacteria.

Nail diseases might be caused due to medicine reactions or even injuries. At Drs Point, our expert professional doctors point out the causes and provide the best cure for such diseases.

Some common problems of nail

  • Senile nails: With age, the nails become brittle and the layers of the nails might get separated at the end. The nails turn out to be brittle.
  • The line and ridges that appear on nails might look normal. But these might increase during pregnancy. These are caused due to chemotherapy as well.
  • At times, nails turn out to be yellow. This is not because of the color. But because of the air below the nails. To treat it, one can polish it. It cannot be cleaned. But polishing can help treat the color. If this continues for more than a few months it might lead to fungal infections.
  • Red nails or black nails can happen due to trauma. The portion of the nail which is discolored will grow out as the nail grows.
  • Green nails might be the outcome of Pseudomonas bacteria. This grows under a nail. It may result in a foul smell of the nails. The best way to treat the nails is to trim it every four weeks.
  • Pitted nails might be related to psoriasis or another kind of skin problem. This would require medical attention.

Ways to care for your nails

You can deal with different Nail Diseases by taking proper care of your nails. You can follow these points to take proper care of your nails:

  • Do not bite your nails
  • Always trim or cut your nails after you bathe. This helps as your nail is still soft.
  • Try to keep your nails completely dry and clean.
  • Use sharp scissors if you want to shape your nails. Be gentle while using scissors to avoid injury.
  • In case you have brittle nails, then keep them short to avoid any breakage.
  • Use lotions on nails and cuticles to keep the nails and the skin moisturized.

If you get manicures or pedicures, make sure that you get it done by professionals having enough experience on the same. Usage of too many cosmetics is not advisable.

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