Laser Hair Reduction

Laser Hair Reduction

Laser hair reduction is a safe and effective way to eliminate body hair in all skin types. It is one of the popular treatment people are using to permanently reduce the hair on their body.

The different type of lasers used for hair reduction are:

  • Alexandrite laser( 755 nm beam)
  • Diode Laser (810 nm beam)
  • Ndyag Laser (1064 nm)
  • IPL lasers

At doctor’s Point, the Laser Hair Reduction treatments are done by expert dermatologists to get the optimum result. This treatment is generally done once a month, however, the number of sessions depends upon the area to be treated.


Before the treatment, we generally put the numbing cream over the patient and then wipe it off after around half an hour. This cream is applied to make sure that the treatment is as comfortable as possible. If someone is really pain-sensitive or if the area of treatment is very large, we can also give oral pain medicine. Laser generally utilizes cooling via air blowing or by contact cooling which helps to prevent overheating of the skin. The laser delivers quite an amount of heat to the skin and that cooling helps to keep the skin temperature normal so that the patient does experience any discomfort. At the end of the procedure patients are advised to use sunscreen before they leave the premises.

The theory behind Laser Hair Reduction

The concept behind Laser Hair Reduction is called Selective Photo Thermolysis. The laser penetrates in the pigment of the hair and follows it down into the follicles and destroys the cells responsible for making the hair. The reason for its name “selective photo thermolysis” is kept becausekept because it selectively goes after the hair and the normal skin is not affected. For that reason white hair or blonde hair cannot be treated with laser because they do not have melanin so there is no target to be destroyed.

How effective is laser hair removal?

Laser Hair Reduction is the most popular cosmetic treatment at Doctor’s Point. The US Food and Drug Administration ( FDA) has approved the lasers that are used for permanent hair reduction, and not removal. There are also certain areas which do not respond the way other area responds. Removing facial hair is more difficult than removing coarse body hair like underarms and legs. It is due to the reason that the coarse hair in the underarms make them better targets for the laser treatment than finer and light colored hair on the face. Especially, in the darker skinned individual, if the hair is very fine or light the end result is not as effective as it would be if they were doing the treatment on their underarms, legs or bikini lines.

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