Keloids Skin Treatment

Keloids Skin Treatment

Keloids are a type of skin growth that usually appear at the site of skin damage. After the trauma, the skin starts to heal by the growth of a fibrous tissue,which results in a skin growth or scar. Keloid mostly occursin the exposed area,such as the chest, earlobe,or face. Hypertrophic scars are formed usually after the injury or trauma. They can increase in number and size and might interfere with the daily activities of the patient. It is always a better option to go with a keloids skin treatment from the best dermatologist in town.

What are the signs and symptoms of this problem?

  • Red or pink-colored scars and usually lighter or darker than the color of surrounding skin.
  • As the disfiguring marks left on the skin by the healing of the injured tissues, keloids can be seen as a raised, firm, soft,and some of the times shiny growth on the skin – they are not painful,but they can be itchy. The patient can experience inflammation and burning sensation.
  • Changes in shape, color, and size of the scars with time.
  • Most of the time, they can extend beyond the limits of the original wound,which can prove to be disfiguring.

The scars of keloid usually develop on the ears, arms, lower legs, back, neck,and chest. They can appear with the wounds healing or might develop over months and years.

What leads to keloids?

They are a pattern of healing of the skin after its damage by burns, acne, chickenpox, cuts, tattoo, piercing, or insect bites. It surfaces like a hypertrophic scar, but expands outside the wound margin and generally grows over time as the skin growth.

At Doctor’s Point, the condition is treated by the experts by medications or keloids skin treatment, which makes it soft and helps to make it flat easily. It can also be removed surgically by the team of dermatologists and plastic surgeons.

How much does the treatment cost?

The cost of the treatment entirely depends upon the type of treatment chosen. If you decided to go with the laser surgery, it would cost you more if compared to surgery. This is becauselaser therapy might need multiple sessions.

Doctor’s Point is a world-classcentrethat isexplicitly dedicated to skincare of the entire body and specializes in housing the experienced dermatologists, which can offer world-class keloids skin treatment.

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