Implant-Supported OverDentures

Implant-Supported OverDentures

If you have lost all the teeth and you want a fixed option for replacement, then a fixed implant-supported overdentures is the answer. Thiscomprises of 4-7 implants which are attached over the entire span of the jaw. Full arch fused crownsare then placed over the implants. The total number of implants usually depends upon the thickness and condition of the underlying supporting bone.

The significant benefit of this option is that the bridge can survive with all the implants being successful. The fixed implant-supported bridge feels more like a natural tooth,unlike any other removable denture option. Further, as the crowns are made of porcelain, it looks a lot nicer and feels natural.

Positives of the implant-supportedbridge

  • Great wear, strength and durability
  • Good aesthetics
  • It is a fixed denture and unlike a removable one which feels more natural

Negatives of the implant-supportedbridge

  • Most of the types of frameworks don’t have a lot of history so it is not known that what can go wrong
  • Some of the breaks can’t be repaired

Why choose Doctor’s Point?

At Doctor’s Point, you can expect us to listen to your goals and concerns and then develop a specific plan of treatment of implant-supported overdentures to give you a smile you have always dreamtabout. Every patient undergoes a comprehensive evaluation. By addressing the underlying cause for functional and cosmetic dental concerns, our professionals can ensure comfortable and long-lasting results. Our dentists use the latest advanced techniques and use these technologies and materials to restore your oral function and health.

Our specialists at Doctor’s Point offers complete dentures to replace the missing teeth. Modern technology has improved the strength and quality of the dentures. Our clinic provides current technology to enhancethe smile and oral health.

Occasionally, when bone support or muscle position is not optimal, the stability of the denture can become a challenge for the patients. Usual complaints aboutill-fitting or loose denture can be corrected with the implants.

Today, implant-supported overdentures are used commonly to stabilise the loose dentures. Our clinic currently offers:

  • Hybrid supported dentures
  • Complete dentures

Implant-supported removable dentures

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