Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant

Hair loss is a psychologically disturbing issue that most men face sometime in their 20s, 30s and 40s. The absence of hair on the head can make huge difference to one’s look. One looks older, more grumpier, very much different than his or her age. And that is probably the reason why the most demanded cosmetic surgery in males is hair transplantation. With hair transplant, you can get natural hair back in the area where you have lost them. Those hairs subsequently grow like normal hair and also need hair cut. One can comb them, oil them, shampoo them just like other hair.

How to stop hair thinning in women?

Losing hair for women is a psychologically distressing issue. Women have a very difficult time dealing with hair loss. Generally, there is a decrease in the density of hair and we have a few options to treat hair loss in women. But before we embark on those options, it is very important for the patient to visit their physician to make sure that the hair loss is not the result of another underlying medical condition. Sometimes, a slow acting thyroid, for instance, can cause hair loss. So a visit to the physician is important to make sure that the underlying condition is not the cause of hair loss. However, many hair treatments are available to reduce hair loss and thinning in women.

Hair Transplant Procedure

The entire surgery is done under local anesthesia. Throughout the operation you can listen to music, watch television, then there is a break for your lunch. The patient can go home right after the surgery. In fact, he can go back to work the very next day. What we basically do is take permanent hair from back of the head and transplant into the area where the hair loss is visible. The beauty of this surgery is that nobody can make out that you had a surgery done. Transplanted hair cannot be differentiated from the original hair. They grow in same way, in same direction at same rate. Hair transplant adds new rejuvenated look to your face to make you look much more akin to what you should be.

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