Fungal Infection

Fungal Infection

Fungus is ubiquitous germs. We are exposed to fungus every single day of our life. It is all around us. It is a recycler. A healthy person is quite resistant to serious fungal infections but he or she may pick up a little athlete’s foot at the gym or something. But that’s easy to get rid off for the most part. What opens the door for fungus is really important because if you have some of these factors in your personal medical history you are at risk.

  • Antibiotic use
  • People who have been on steroid or immune-suppressing drugs usually used in arthritis and organ transplant
  • Hormonal replacement therapy, oral birth control pills,,
  • Any medication that constipates or any medicines that causes diarrhoea or suppresses pain
  • Medical condition like diabetes
  • stress

Fungal Infection occurs in areas like groin, under the breast and the likes which are never exposed to the outside world and where there is a lot of friction and sweating. Fungal infection is a combination of sweating, heat and friction.


People who do not maintain proper hygiene like people who are involved in the work in which they sweat a lot and do not get enough air conditioning. People working in unregulated temperature management are also prone to fungal infection.


Keeping yourself dry, away from friction and heat can curb the spread of the fungus. Both topical and oral medication is given as treatment of fungal infection. Special medications are given for itching so that itching is stopped. The area where body folds should be kept dry and clean to avoid multiplication of fungus.

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