A confident and healthy smile is an essential part of your personality. If you have badly broken or missing teeth, then dentures can be a way of replacing them. If it doesn’t get replaced on time, the adjacent teeth will be drifting into the space leading to chewing issues. Therefore, it is imperative to replace the missing teeth. They can be removed and are the natural-looking replacements for missing teeth.

At Doctor’s Point, we offer personalised dentures to meet the unique needs of a patient. Our modern technology providestreatment that looks and feels natural.

Advantages of having well-constructed dentures

  • Dentures can let a person eat comfortably.
  • A person would be able to speak normally.
  • They will improve the appearance of the mouth and also help to prevent wrinkles and lines and the cheeks from coming in.
  • Dentures help in maintaining the correct alignment between the upper as well as lower jaws and prevent jaw-related

Will a person have to be toothless after extractions?

You don’t need to be without teeth.

  • Dentures can be made before the extraction of the teeth and inserted directly when the teeth get
  • These are known as immediate dentures.
  • Impressions and measurements for the dentures are taken by the dentists before the teeth are extracted.

What treatments are needed before the new dentures?

  • If the ridges of the jaws are damaged because of the old dentures, the dentist might place a soft material in the old one to let the tissues get recovered. This is known as ‘tissue conditioning’.
  • If the shape and condition of the ridge are not suitable, corrections need to be done

The cost of the treatment depends upon various factors which include the type of denture that you decide to get, the total number of teeth being replaced and the material used. Any additional process if needed,such as bone modification or extractions, can add to the final treatment cost.

Doctor’s Point believes in providing customised dentures treatment options cost-effectively. Our specialists will examine and discuss the various options along with the cost. Call now to schedule an appointment with our specialist.

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