Hair Regrowth Treatments

Hair determines our looks, grace, style statement and boosts our confidence, it is made up of scleroprotein or albuminoid substance called keratin. Our scalp has one lac hair approximately, and the number decreases gradually with ageing. so it is normal to lose between 30-40 hair a day. But if there is an excess of hair fall, we should visit a cosmetologist-dermatologist immediately. Nowadays hair loss is seen even during young age, in both men and women. Increased DHT (Dihydrotestosterone), PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) level, other stress, anxiety, emotional turmoil, some medications, skin conditions, imbalanced nutrition, infections, toxic agents, systematic diseases etc. lead to excessive hair fall and even baldness. Although hair loss is caused by varied reasons, hair growth is primarily regulated by DHT and proper supply of nutrients and growth factors at molecular level to the hair roots or follicles.

Alopecia or hair loss is very common condition affecting men & women. Hair Loss (Alopecia) can be due to:-

  • Hormonal Changes
  • Nutritional imbalances
  • Poor blood circulation
  • Heredity
  • Stress
  • Fungal or bacterial infection of the scalp

Hair loss can be diffuse hair fall, patterned hair loss or localized hair loss (ex. Alopecia areata). The cause of the hair loss need to be investigated and treated with suitable medicines. Hair Fast Therapy is a non-surgical cometic procedure that provides a number of aesthetic benefits. It is a technique to deliver medicines directly into the areas concerned.

Meso PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)

Derma Point introduces MESO PRP to enhance Natural Hair Regrowth Programm. Derma Point recommends MESO PRP an effective way to enhance hair regrowth especially for more stubborn areas of hair loss i.e. thin areas in Female Pattern Baldness and crown areas in Male Pattern Baldness.


hair regrowthMESO PRP treatment is a new form of regenrative medicine that utilizes your own blood, where the platelet rich plasma component is extracted, concentrated and then reintroduced into scalp to combat hair loss.

Platelets are the key to the body’s ability to shop bleeding and repair damaged blood vessels and cells in the body. Platelet contain substances called growth factors that activate and rejuvenate cells in the body.

The concentrated platelet in PRP contain high amounts of bioactive proteins which include the growth factors PDGF and VEGF. These growth factors initiate accelerated tissue repair and according to experts also sow positive effects on hair loss.

The growth factors when released promote tissue repair, angiogenesis (capillary formation), collagen production and encourages normalization of the hair follicular unit. Most importantly, evidences suggests MESO PRP can reverse the miniaturization process of hair follicles (an effect of dihydrotestosterone, DHT), when injected into the balding area of the scalp. This treatment is associated with no risk of allergy or infections as we are essestially using your own by product.

A Variety of Growth Factors Released from PRP Rejuvenate the Hair Follicles.

Meso PRP Treatment Process:-

hair regrowthStep-1 : Collection of Blood – The Blood is collected via a small cannula form your vein.

Step-2 : Separartion of Platelet Components – A special test tube with a unique gel filter and a centrifuge are used to prepare the Platelet enrich plasma (PRP)

Step-3 : Injection of Platelet Components – The Platelet enrich plasma (PRP) is injected into the area of concern. It takes about minutes from blood collection to injection.


hair regrowth

  • Optimum results usually require approximately 3 seasons or more performed 2 to 4 week apart.
  • Maintenance treatment should be done atleast 6 monthly or more fequently depending on the serverity of your hair loss.
  • It is usually very benefical to take MESO PRP treatment along with, HAIR FAST treatment as a bosster to your hair regrowth tratment plan. Usual recommendation is one session per month.
  • Please consult our doctor to assess your suitability for MESO PRP. It is of utmost importance that MESO PRP tratment is an adjunct to normal hair regrowth programme and not a substitute.